On-site Water Recycle System

We Reclaim and Recycle Our Water On-Site
Our equipment contains, collects and treats the waste water generated on site of each cleaning operation. This process eliminates the cost and liability associated with storing, manifesting, transporting and disposing of hazardous water waste.
steam_cleaner There are several types of machines and accessories to accompany the cleaning process. The steam cleaners have different psi, tank capacities and temperature ranges. All steam cleaners are not the same. Having the right attachments are the key to performing a successful cleaning.
How to Steam Clean?
Steam Cleaning is a cleaning method that uses high temperature water pressure and vapor. This high temperature, low pressure steam will sanitization almost any type of surface that it comes in contact with except for those that are very heat sensitive. The process of utilizing superheated steam and pressure will kill the majority of bacteria, viruses, germs, mold and allergens that the steam comes in contact with. The steam cleaners can product hundreds of gallons of steam with an average flow of only 8 ounces of water every 15 minutes.
How to Steam Clean will depend on what you are trying to clean.
Here are just a few examples of how steam cleaners and the steam cleaning process can be used:
Kitchens/Bakeries/Restaurants: The grease and grime from the stove tops, oven interior, kitchen hoods, refrigerator interior and exterior, microwave interior and exterior all can be cleaned with the power of steam cleaning. Since no chemicals are used in the cleaning process there is not concern about toxic fumes and chemical residue.
Bathrooms: We all know that bathrooms breed mold, bacteria, germs and viruses. Steam cleaners and reach those spots that are hard to get to. Steam cleaning is effective in killing the bacteria and germs as well as cleaning the bathroom floors, tile, sinks, tubs, showers, curtains and mirrors. After the cleaning process is complete your bathroom is clean and sanitized with no remaining odor. The bathroom has a fresh and clean smell.
Bed bugs: Bed bugs are not only found in the bed. They are found on mattresses, chair cushions, sofas and sofa cushions. Steam cleaning can get rid of these troublesome insects as well as dust mites. Someone with knowledge of bed bugs and steam machines should provide this service. Special attention should be given to the cleaning of the seams, labels, buttons and handles. The steam temperature can drop quickly when the steam exits the nozzle. If the steam is not trapped and captured correctly from the steam cleaner the steam application will not be lethal to the bugs. The cleaning of the mattress will be accomplished but the bed bugs will still remain.
Car Detailing and Vehicle Cleaning: Many car components can be cleaned with steam. The Carpet, upholstery, seats, interior components and wheels. It also can be used on the engine. Steam Cleaning is very effective in removing old car odors and smell. It leaves the cars looking and smelling brand new.
Pets/Pet Stores/Veterinary Offices: Steam cleaning, cleans and disinfects areas where your pets live. It can be used to clean litter boxes, pet carriers, bird cages, toys and mats. With the appropriate application and cleaning process these areas are let clean and fresh.
Steam cleaning machines also known as steam vapor cleaning machines are very effective in cleaning almost every surface. These steam machines are effective in cleaning application and used in every industry. Cleaning with steam is a safe and effective way to sanitize without the use of harmful chemicals and toxic fumes.
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